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An open letter to all local churches of the United Methodist Church on the continent of Africa!

Date: May 4, 2024.

From: Rev. Kennedy Mukwindidza

President of Theological Voice of Africa

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Providing a platform for African theological voices and engage a wider audience fair and balance.

The organisation is rooted in a commitment to the basic Christian faith in the Wesleyan orthodox tradition, firmly grounded in the holy scriptures. It is a commitment of heart, mind, and spirit.


We hosts inclusive events for all throughout the year!

28 July, 2023

TVOA hosted an online deep theological reflection/discussion.

Topic : De-centering whiteness in Methodism

Presenter : Odell Horne, Jr

25 Aug, 2023

Topic: Given What in Going on in the UMC and General Conference Coming Up 2024, What the African Church can Contribute to the Debate!

Presenter: Odell Horne Jr.

Zoom Meeting ID: 533 426 6878
Passcode: 970707

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