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Welcome to Theological Voice of Africa!

Theological Voice of Africa is a prophetic theological platform that seeks to make the world a better place for everyone in the world. At its core, Theological Voice of Africa, is rooted in our commitment to the historic Christian faith in the Wesleyan tradition grounded in the holy scriptures. This is a commitment of both heart and mind. Within this broad scope, our specific mandate derives from Jesus who declared that “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b.
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Our vision is to be a prophetic theological voice that seeks to make the world better for all.


Our mission is to provide a platform for African theological voices and engage a wider audience fair and balance.


The editorial team consists of five biblical scholars and pastors representing the main regions of Southern Africa that we distinguish to ensure an appropriate coverage of theological contributions. Currently, we have English and French speaking persons on the team. We are particularly aware that Portuguese and Swahili are not yet represented on the team. We hope to find means to add them in the near future.

President - Kennedy Mukwindidza

The Reverend Dr Kennedy F. Mukwindidza is an Elder of the United Methodist Church in the Great Plains Conference that covers Kansas and Nebraska in the United States of America. Rev. Mukwindidza is originally from Zimbabwe where he was ordained Elder in 1978 in the the Rhodesia Annual Conference of the UMC. Rev Mukwindidza served in both rural and urban churches in Zimbabwe. He became the youngest administrative assistant to Bishop Muzorewa and the youngest Director of Council on Ministries for the Zimbabwe Annual Conference. In the United States, Rev. Mukwindidza has served cross-cultural appointments for more than 20 years. He has served on the Great Plains Conference Investigations Committee for more than six years. He has attended seven General Conferences either as Marshal and as a Pager; and as an Advocate for United Methodist Rural Fellowship for two years including the special called General Conference of 2019. Rev Mukwindidza is nor only an Evangelist, Pator, Teacher and Administrator; he is also a leader in Volunteers-in-Mission. He has been organizing and leading volunteer teams to Zimbabwe every year since 2001. He is the CEO of CCIP-Zimbabwe, (www.ccipzimbabwe.com) a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to share the love of Christ in practical ways. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Sociology and Administration degree from the University of Zimbabwe and a Master of Divinity as well as a Doctor of Ministry from Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas.

Secretary and Editor - Wellington Chiomadzi

Rev. Wellington Chiomadzi is an ordained Elder of The United Methodist Church. He holds his membership with the Zimbabwe West Annual Conference (UMC) and is currently serving as a Senior Pastor at Reynolds UMC as well as Associate Pastor at Monticello UMC in the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church (INUMC), in the United States of America. Rev. Chiomadzi has served his pastoral appointments for slightly more than 20 years, in rural, peri-urban and urban congregations. He has held several leadership positions in the church from local, District and Conference Level. He is currently in the Operations Team of the Northwest of Northwest District of INUMC. Prior to joining the pastoral ministry, Rev. Chiomadzi has worked as a Temporary Teacher with The Ministry of Higher Education (Zimbabwe), as a Banker (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) and as an Entrepreneur (Laburnum Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. Rev. Chiomadzi holds a Bachelor of Divinity (Hon.) –Africa University, Master of Science Degree in Development Studies (National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe) and a Master of Spiritual Formation and Evangelism (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, USA). Rev. Chiomadzi is also a Founder member of Theological Voice of Africa and currently serves as the Secretary.

Treasurer - Jacob Maforo

Pastor Tozoona Jacob Maforo is the second of ten children to Joshua and Mildred Maforo. He is married to Virginia Maforo since 1993 and together they have raised three children: Nyasha Gracious (30), Shingai Carla and Tapiwa Karl (20). Currently, Pastor Maforo serves as the pastor of two Global Methodist Church congregations in Kansas (Belle Plaine GMC and Conway Springs Methodist Church. Both churches are in Sumner County, Kansas USA). He has served churches in Sumner County since 2013, including Corbin UMC and Caldwell UMC. Jacob was ordained as a Missionary in 2003 after which he served as a missionary in Kenya, Zambia, India and Botswana. He also served as the National General Secretary/CEO of the Zimbabwe YMCA, and as the Founding Director of Arise the Nations School of Missions which facilitated short-term impact missions in Harare, Kadoma, Livingston (Zambia), and Gaborone (Botswana). Pastor Maforo was born at Old Mutare UMC Mission Center and grew up between the family rural home at Arnoldine UMC Mission Center and their city home in Glen Noral, Harare. His elementary and high school as well as early tertiary education were all done in Zimbabwe. His ministry preparation included working and volunteering for different organizations as well as studying at the following:

  • Zimbabwe Council of Churches’ Ecumenical and Human Resources Training Center (Church Administration and Management)
  • School of Social Work in Harare (Certificate in Social Work)
  • Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas (BA Region and Philosophy)
  • Africa University and Living Waters Theological Seminary (Master of Theology)
  • St. Paul School of Theology in Oklahoma City, OK (Master of Divinity).

Pastor Maforo loves traveling with his family (by road) and working with like-minded persons in volunteer work. Besides his pastoral ministry, Pastor Maforo also involves himself in Leadership and Chaplaincy Training and also working with other ministries and organizations. Currently he serves as a Board Member of the following organizations: 

  • CCIP Zimbabwe (ccipzimbabwe.com)
  • FOSA (fosakids.org), and 
  • Building for the Future Conference (Founding President & Coordinator).  

All these activities, among other things, help him to keep in touch with his roots in Zimbabwe, his country of birth. Pastor Maforo loves to network and connect. He is reachable through his various social media platforms.

Facebook: Tozoona Jacob Maforo

Email: tozojacob@hotmail.com

Instagram: Tozoona Jacob Maforo

Twitter:  @jmaforo   

Linkedin:  Jacob Maforo

Editor - Ngonidzaishe Mukarakate

Ngonidzashe Mukarakate born November 28, 1970 has been a pastor in the UMC since 1994, and has had the opportunity to serve in various church setups that created in the bigger picture of theological interpretations. The church also gave him an opportunity to serve in different boards, such as, but not limited to;

  1. Discipleship
  2. Church and society desk
  3. Youth director
  4. Ecumenical representative
  5. Board on Ordained Ministry
  6. Chaplaincy

These forums, or position allowed him to interact and dialogue with many situations and theologians from different places. He has come to understand the theology of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:19-22, and this perspective of God in this passage has assisted him not to align with compartmentalized theology. He has resisted to be defined as traditional, centrist, or progressive, but has presented himself to serve God in all circumstances, with people from different walks of life. 

He studied as follows:

  1. 1997-2000   Diploma in theology, United Theological College, Zimbabwe
  2. 1999-2000   Diploma in Religious Studies, UZ, Zimbabwe
  3. 2004-2007   Bachelor of Divinity, Africa University, Zimbabwe
  4. 2008-2010   Masters in Peace Studies Africa University, Zimbabwe
  5. 2018-2020   Master in THS, Perkins School of Theology,  USA

Currently, he is serving at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church as an associate pastor for African fellowship and prison ministries. His passion is on social and Biblical justice. He is very happy to be part of this forum because he believes that sharing ideas is the only way to resolve the challenges of our time. African cosmology has its own way of presenting a theology that will improve the lives of people, not only in Africa, but to allow God to use us to usher a pathway for a paradigm shift in many issues concerning the life of the church. The other reason for me to be part of this platform is the fact that the southern hemisphere is booming Christianity-wise, hence it is his understanding that our dialogue may provide the best window to bring a revival to the whole Christian fraternity  globally. 

Editor - Nday Bondo

Rev. Nday Bondo Mwanabute,  is a UMC elder from North Katanga annual conference. He is currently a lecturer at Africa University with the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies in Zimbabwe. Area of interest: Practical Theology, particularly Church Administration and UMC Polity. He speaks English & French. He is married and father of four children.

Editor - Webster F Mutamba

Rev. Professor Webster Fundisayi Mutamba was called into ministry from the hotbed suburb of Highfields, Harare, Zimbabwe in the late 1960s. After ordination, Mutamba worked with three Zimbabwean and two American interim bishops in various appointments as Lead and Associate Pastor for rural and urban congregations. Other appointments included directorships of Youth, Christian Education, Communications, a Christian Center for the education of hordes of unemployed black youths, and preschool for children of working mothers. The last two institutions brought him into a collision course with the policy of deprivation of black advancement and incarceration by the colonial Smith regime. Mutamba was News Editor for several publications and News Anchor at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. He was also a lecturer and founding director of information and Communication Skills lecturer at Africa University, MBA lecturer, Thesis Examiner, and Information & Public Relations director at the University of Zimbabwe as well as local colleges and institutes in Zimbabwe. As a Research Consultant, Mutamba produced the Advocacy Paper on Reproductive Health and Human Crisis in Southern Africa for UNFPA Zimbabwe Chapter and Save the Children UK, respectively. Mutamba is also an ardent commercial farmer and former freedom fighter. Mutamba holds bachelor’s degrees in Theology, English, and Journalism, a master’s in communication, and a doctorate in Health Economics, from Zimbabwe and the US.

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