Blog/Newsletter Guidelines and Editorial Policy

Hello! Welcome to Theological Voice of Africa!

Theological Voice of Africa is a prophetic theological voice that seeks to make the world a better place for everyone in the world. Its values are faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, fairness to all people and courage to always speak the truth! We are committed to our purpose of being the authentic theological voice of Africa on the continent as well as world–over.

Theological Voice of Africa Newsletter is published monthly while fresh content is published on the blog,WhatsApp chats and Facebook page regularly as directed by the editor team.

Blog/Newsletter Objective

The purpose of Theological Voice of Africa is to be the authentic theological voice of Africa on the continent and world over. Theological Voice of Africa blog is to raise the profile of the African theological voice in the world and to inspire visitors to explore Africa theological reflections further.  We aim to promote the work and thinking of the African theologian to the international community and to showcase the ideas, practices and applications of the same.


Any interested party may submit articles for publication to the chief editor. The topic should showcase any aspect or application of Theological Voice of Africa in an easy to read and engaging manner.

Content Objective

The purpose of the African theological reflections blog, newsletter, Articles, WhatsApp chats and Facebook page content is to showcase the African theological voice in its multitude of different aspects, applications and settings to the world, including the wider professional and academic community, and to give its members a platform to show their work and insights to each other and the world and to support them in their own endeavors. We support contributors to present their own projects and to link from the blog to their own websites if desired.

We welcome posts that create dialogue with other theological perspectives. For example, posts may present connections and comparisons between western values and other interpretation of the bible on certain topics.

Editorial Criteria

Africa Theological Reflections is an African theological conservative voice that seeks to showcase a diversity of voices and perspectives and particularly encourage contributions from different regions of Africa and members of other marginalized groups, including racial, ethnic, socio-economic, or religious minorities and people of differing abilities. English translations of original work in other languages are very welcome. We understand that Africa has more than 3000 languages.

Your submission must be well presented in clear, academic English, and written to a high professional standard.  Theological Voice of Africa can provide advice to assist authors to meet these standards. Blog posts, newsletters, WhatsApp chats and Facebook page page must seek to educate a broad range of readers about African values and their interpretation of the bible and inspire an interest in people previously unfamiliar with African thought process. The submitted piece must be original work, or a translation of original work, by the author.  Work previously published elsewhere is welcome, if republishing is permitted by guidelines of the original publisher.

Word Count and Formatting

Theological Voice of Africa will accept submissions between 600 – 1,000 words.  Please submit your work as a Word file with no special formatting. Please break up your text into sections with subtitles.  Please bold your title and subtitles.  You may include bulleted lists.  For visual art and other media, please contact the chief editor for special requirements.

Style guidelines

Please avoid insider jargon and clearly explain any terms that you use.  Your piece must be written in clear academic English, and be intelligible to a wide range of readers.  Any citations must be clearly and accurately footnoted at the bottom of the text.  Translations of your original work in other languages are welcome.

Linking Policy

Theological Voice of Africa invites contributors and supporters to link to their own projects as well as other relevant sites in your text. Please limit links to outside websites to three per post.

Your Credit and Bio

Your name, headshot and bio will appear at the bottom of your published blog post.  Please include, in a separate word file, your name as you wish it to be published, followed by your credentials, and a 40 – 60 word bio.  You may link to your website and one social media page in your bio.  Also include in a separate file a simple headshot of yourself.  The headshot should be a clear portrait style picture of your face only. Please label all word and jpeg files clearly with your name and descriptor: submission, bio, featured image and headshot.

Republishing policy

You may republish your accepted post after it is published on the African Theological Reflections blog, newsletter, with a credit and link to the original post on the African Theological Reflections blog, newsletter.  The credit should read: Originally published on – date – at African Theological Reflections blog, newsletter (link). Work previously published elsewhere is welcome, if permitted by republishing guidelines of the original publisher.

Submission Schedule

We are currently accepting topic articles for our newsletter, blog, WhatsApp chats and Facebook page at any time. Once your article or post is approved by the chief editor, we will let you know when your article or post will be published.